Contact dining using QR-code Menu

instant contactless dining app

Coronavirus has drastically changed the way of life. In the new world, hygiene has taken a new meaning. Instead of a warm handshake, namaste seems to be the preferred way to greet. Restaurants are severely affected, as fewer and fewer people are venturing out. Once the restaurants start to open, they need to put new rules in a place, especially regarding contact with the paper menu. If the restaurants do not work these out soon, they are going to lose business, as diners are cautious about past unhygienic practices.

We bring the contactless dining so that diners feel safe. ΔPPs provide a cost-effective and holistic solution for contactless dining management.

Sample QR-Code Contactless Menu

Lets elaborate on how the above features will make contactless dining possible and fun.

A diner enters the restaurant; he will activate the restaurant's menu from the QR code that is pasted on his table. He orders and his orders are visible in the console to the restaurant's management. The console lets the restaurant message the diner about his order.

The diner has some questions regarding his order. The waiter walks to him uses his smartphone that has Data Scanner app. He uses it to display the order and resolves questions that diner has in mind.

The billing is done via the app. Razor pay is integrated as the payment processor.

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