GSM Hat with UPS

The GSM Hat powered by Ibeyonde IoT software is a SMS power-house. The software manages the audience (number + metadata) and lets you schedule transactional as well as bulk SMSes. This is very cost effective if you need to send SMSes on a regular basis. You can use cheap 2G/3G SIM card like the one available form BSNL.

Cloud Security Camera

If you are a technology enthusiast and wish to get your hands dirty by building your own functional DIY raspberry pi security camera with access to cloud AI, then continue reading.   Raspberry Pi is a tiny power-house that can be made into any IoT project. We will build a DIY security camera that will rival many commercial offerings.

Raspberry Pi Bridge

Bridging your network is a method to share your network connection between two computers. Out here we are focusing on a specific use case, i.e., how to share wired internet as an access point using a Raspberry Pi (Model B+) Bridge.


RFID RC522 is a low-cost contactless communication card chip compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It is based on the MF522-AN module and ready with the RFID antenna built-in. It communicates with Raspberry Pi's SPI interface.