Frequently asked questions

Why does my country code does not appear in the dropdown ?

Every country has different rates for sending SMSes. At present we have added the countries that have reasonable rates for which we can send SMSes at reasonable low cost.

If you have a strong use-case for which you are ready to pay proportionate SMS costs, then get in touch with us. We will be happy to get you started. Email with details to

What is Data Scanner App ?

When you create a new delta app, you get a scanner app associated with that account. The scanner app gives you quick access to user data and messaging.

Lets say you create a delta app for people to make advance booking for a party. On the party day instead of checking if a user is registered and with a valid ticket by sitting on a computer console, you can authorize the checkin person at the gate to use the scanner app. The person at the gate uses this app to scan the QR-code generated by the delta app. If the QR-code is valid it will open up the user record on the gate person scanner app. This will help the gate keeper to decide whether to let the person in or not.

What is Messaging Dashboard ?

The messaging dashboard gives you access to SMS and Email messaging. You can manage the customer database and can send them promotional emails and SMS messages. For enabling SMS facility on your messaging dashboard you need to get in touch with us at