Visitor management

posted by Sid, on July 5, 2020

Setup your visitor check-in process in a way that it is pleasing for the visitor as well as convenient for the person handling the reception. In most of the offices, visitor check-in happens at the reception, usually engaging the receptionist for quite a bit of time.

Much of this problem is because the visitor does not have ready access to the website or the mobile app that can be used to pre-fill information required.

ΔPPs provide a cost-effective and holistic solution for visitor management.

  • They are easily customizable for your organization.
  • They can be triggered using QR code and can be embedded into the organization website.
  • The mobile number or email validation is inbuilt into the Δpps.
  • The receptionist gets a scanner app that quickly lets him identify the visitor.
Visitor's QR code Id
Secure scanner app
Visitor info view

Lets elaborate on how the above features will reduce the time spent at the reception.

The organization customizes and brands the ΔPP as per their requirements. The ΔPP is embedded into their companies' website.The QR code to invoke ΔPP from smartphone is pasted in and around the entrance. When the visitor comes unannounced, he will see QR code notices soliciting information from visitors before-hand. If not the receptionist can point them to these. Visitor can use their smartphone to get the ΔPP from QR code, no installation needed. This ΔPP validates the mobile number (or email) and captures the required information(including the picture). From the backend, approval can be managed.

When the visitor reaches the reception, he already has filled in the information, and he carries a scannable QR code. The receptionist has the Scanner ΔPP. He uses this to scan the visitors mobile displaying the QR-code. (Or he can enter the visitors mobile number). This pulls out the visitor information on his Scanner ΔPP. She looks at the approval status and allows or disallows the visitor. She can also enter a comment like the time of entry or the items that visitor want to carry inside from the Scanner ΔPP.

This is must have, as it makes visitor management truely contactless and is very useful when dealing with COVID pandemic. Visit Mircosite

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