Responsive Online Catalogs

You can create catalogs that not only showcase your products but also solicit feedback and contact information of the person viewing them. ΔPP Catalogues are easy to browse as there is a provision to divide and sub-divide the catalog into sections and sub-sections. With access to menu buttons user can browse the items they are interested in. In case the user is interested in further dicussion or in buying the item, that interest can be expressed thru the app itself.
The accoutn owner will have all the access to the data collected in the Dashboard. There is a provision to send messages to the user via the app itself.

Following are some sample digital catalogs:

  Green Homes

The catalogues are easy to create or customize. You can pick up an existing catalogue and cusomize it, if editing HTML is not what you do then you can email us the pictures(or paper catalogue) and we will put one together for you. There is a option to add OTP verification of email or phone number in order to identify and communicate with your customer from dashboard onece they are off the app. There is a collection of skins that will allow you to choose one that goes well with the catalogue. Visit Mircosite for more info.

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