touchless restaurant menu

Customers have seen increase in their average check from approximately 3-9% since implementing the digital menu to their operations.

The menu is triggered by the QR-code printed on the table or placed on the table.

The waiter gets the QR-code scanner app to identify and to access the order information quickly.

The updates from the waiter QR-code scanner app or backend are sent to the diner.

No mistaken orders, hygienic, Customizable, Contactless, Accessible via QR-code, No Installation

A contactless restaurant menu is an online menu that is triggered by QR-code that is strategically placed, for example, on the dining table. The diner starts the menu by scanning the QR-code using his smartphone. The diner can place the order from his smartphone. These orders are visible against the phone number of the diner in the Dashboard. It is easy to customize the app to add 'Diner Name' or 'Table Number' giving an extra item to identify the diner. The Dashboard allows status updates to be sent to the diner. The diner's menu app will continue to get such updates till the current item is under process in the Dashboard. Once the order is done there can be optional payment and feedback. Once the order is served the order is archived from the Dashboard. Upon archival, the diner can start a new order.

All the aspects of the contactless restaurant menu are customizable, as mentioned above. Upload the menu data as CSV file like this one here and here. Subscribe and make dining safe and hygienic for your customers. This will buy you upgrades and support too. Due to the self-service tech that we are using, we are able to provide high quality contactless menu software at an extremely low price.

In addition, to the contactless menu, get a QR-code scanner app for the waiters. This app will help them reach out to customers and get his order details by scanning the QR-code badge presented by him. The system is capable of running from smartphones.

Try out the contactless menu app. The verification mode and skin are configurable; it is disabled in the demos though.