Instant micro web apps

Ibeyonde powers that provides online tools and hosting to create and host micro webapps. These apps specialize in a specific conversation with the customer. From being as simple as an online catalogue to more complex appointment app, these can find use in many places, for example, as a QR-code restaurant menu, as registration and check-in app for events, for visitor management or simply to send as a minified link in a text or email message.


Following will walk you thru App features. You can trigger the app by scanning the QR-code given on the right or by any of the means listed below.

Minified Link

Demo Ibeyonde marketing app that you can trigger using the link,UHJGeFZDVm.

Embed as Chat

Use it as a chat app,UHJGeFZDVm. The App badge is revealed by clicking on the batch icon on top.

Enable OTP

Same app with OTP verification enabled,UHJGeFZDVm. The verification can be switched from mobile number to email.

Scanner APP

This app will help in identifying the user,UHJGeFZDVm. Invoke it from mobile and then scan the badge.

Scan the following QR-code to activate the sample Mirco App (ΔPP)

If you have invoked the App using any of the means above then it is bookmarked in your Console

App Directory of demo apps

Click on App/Chat link to try them out as embedded form or chat.