AI/ML Blog

  • Introduction to machine learning

    The process of learning begins with looking for patterns in observations or data to make better predictions on new observations or data coming in.

  • BFSR target type classification - Using tensorflow CNN

    The Battle Field Sensing Radar (BFSR) is a fully coherent Pulse-Doppler radar. It works at a meagre peak power of 5W that makes it difficult to detect by enemy sensors.

  • Predictive Maintenance using machine learning

    Machine Learning comes in handy when you need to figure out if a battle tank is healthy and battle-ready, i.e., using regression analysis for predictive maintenance.

  • What chatbots ?

    There are a new variety of chatbots, some are just web forms masquerading as chatbots like the one banks and insurance companies are running. Yes, they are bit smarter than filling up forms and better at keeping the user engaged.

  • QR-Code driven contactless dining

    Coronavirus has drastically changed the way of life. In the new world, hygiene has taken a new meaning. Get a free hygenic QR-code driven restaurant menu. It is easy to create and manage.

  • Delta Catalog Apps

    The platform provides tools to create documents that can do interaction with knowledge-base to render content that is contextual and relevant to the audience. The documents/app are responsive and allow sophisticated data collection.

  • Delta Catalog: Online Catalogs

    You can create catalogues that not only showcase your products but also solicit feedback and contact information of the person viewing them. App Catalogues are easy to browse as there is a provision to divide and sub-divide the catalogue into sections and sub-sections.

  • Delta Catalog: Visitor management

    Setup your visitor check-in process in a way that it is pleasing for the visitor as well as convenient for the person handling the reception. In most of the offices, visitor check-in happens at the reception, usually engaging the receptionist for quite a bit of time.