iBeyonde provides infrastructure monitoring suite that combines input from mobile phones, solar powered sensing devices and wearables. iBeyonde combines these sensing endpoints with easy configuration and manageability from the cloud in a way that organizing and managing thousands of these devices becomes easy. The ibeyonde’s IoT platform provides a way to quickly put together new sensors and technologies to assist in infrastructure monitoring.

In the past few years, there has been a rise in availability of cheap and effective sensors. Several systems were made out of them, like multiple security cameras across a building perimeter, smoke detectors near hazardous places in the building, motion sensors across restricted areas, etc. They provided an arbitrary way to secure and monitor an area like office complexes, houses, warehouses, etc. However, these systems require human involvement to improve their throughput, leaving all the analysis part on them. The iBeyonde IoT platform solves several of these problems to make it easy to deploy many of these easily by way of easy configuration and cloud control.

In a large deployment of sensors like in a residential complex or in a factory there are multiple data streams generated from wearable sensors, microphones, mobile phones, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, infrared/RFID presence detectors, etc. These data streams can be used to detect events which are then consolidated and organized at a central place (e.g., by using ibeyonde’s technology for cloud computing [1]) enabling detection of higher-order events using data streams coming from a wide range of sensors. In addition, the sensor outputs can also be tagged as per the topology of the deployment, distinguishing areas of high security to relaxed zone and the like.

The iBeyonde IoT platform combines the sensor inputs using rule engine and is capable of detecting complex events, validation across sensors making the deployment as an intelligent unit in itself that requires very little manual interventions. The system is capable of auto-upgrades, scheduled power on and off of devices, online checks that take the complexity out of managing thousand of these devices spread across your infrastructure project.

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[1] http://www.ibeyonde.com/ibeyonde-the-cloud-services-powering-iot/