Broadcast your surveillance data

Broadcast your surveillance data

I know the title of this blog post may sound bit scandalous. Who had ever thought about broadcasting the surveillance data that they collect? Usually, it is left in some obscure disk never seeing the daylight. This is how surveillance data is generally treated. But there are industries that can actually benefit from exposing their video feeds and in fact, this may actually result in fewer calls to customer service staff and happy customers. How?

The share from Lano Lake View camera that takes hourly snapshots

We are partnering with service providers to real state industries where they can install the cloud cameras overlooking the construction site. These video feeds can then be published on their website for their customers. Their customers are then instantly in touch with the ongoing construction activities, where they have invested one of their lives largest saving. This will actually result in saving more money than the cost of the cloud camera.

Cloud camera comes with an easy way to share the feed and embed it into your website securely. it can be enabled and disabled from the cloud console. What more you have the option of publishing either the live video feed that comes with almost negligible latency or the last motion animation.

What more this can be applied to several industries!

Sharing Motion Feed